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About Gary L. Gordon

Gary L. Gordon was born in Northern California in 1950.  When he was eight years old, his family moved to Germany where he was surrounded by a network of artists. He was able to draw, design and visualize from an artistic perspective at an early age. His drawing skills and ability to do watercolors flourished, as he was continually exposed to the artistic community who encouraged his creativity. 

Because of his parents love to travel, Gary's family often headed out into the European countryside and camped out in their VW bus. Travelling in Europe gave Gary a vivid perspective and love for the architecture, castles, and the picturesque beauty of Europe. 

At age 14, his family moved back to the United States and as a teenager he surfed as often as he could. As a young adult he travelled quite a bit to New Mexico. You can look at his paintings and get glimpses of how his experiences have creatively stretched his imagination from architecture to ocean to desert.

Gary went to DeAnza College, studied under Salvatore Pecorero, and received an A.A. in Art. He actually entered DeAnza College as a pre-med student, and began his formal art career after Salvatore Pecorero convinced him that he should pursue his interest in art as he showed an ability to paint at an imaginative yet detailed degree. 

After graduating from DeAnza, Gary moved on to Humboldt State University where he received a B.A. in Art, with a minor in Music, and then went to San Jose State in 1976 to pursue his Masters. At San Jose State University, he studied under Paul Staiger, a renowned photorealist, and adopted the skills of photorealism which he added to his own style of pseudo photo surrealism.

In 1985, Gary was able to work from home and continue his creative career while raising a family.  He continued to paint and focused on dual realities, surrealistic fantasy images, and objects occupying two places at one time. During this time period he began painting his first custom portraits using his family as his subjects surrounded by surreal landscapes. 

Magritte Pasticle
Magritte Pastiche, 42" x 36"
First Painting, Started in 1969

Gary's collection has been shown in numerous galleries in California and New Mexico, and his paintings have been collected across the country. His paintings have been said to weave a fantasy world that transcends from reality. 

Today he resides in the San Lorenzo Valley. In his home he sits surrounded by his world of art and music, and with his fiancée and his Italian Mastiff at his side, Gary continues on the path he began in 1970. His established artistic journey was well described by Lawrence Kaplan, the proprietor of Ledoux Gallery in New Mexico, who said that: "His illusions are succinct and penetratingly witty.  His manipulations extend from the cosmic to the temporal. His art succeeds because of his extraordinary proficiency. His fantasies have the power of achieved talent."